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Limit exchange space Emploi Plein temps

20 oct. 2022 à 3h28   Ingénierie   Saïda   205 vues
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Holding the handle of the dagger, Yi Chi scanned the dagger with searching eyes. Nothingness Lingbao Yi Chi has several pieces, for the nothingness Lingbao he is naturally the most familiar, once he saw the dagger, Yi Chi knew that it was just a relatively common nothingness Ling Bao, now hold it in his hand and look carefully, this dagger is indeed a relatively common nothingness Ling Bao, not only has a single function, but also has a far lower lethality than his dark soul. If the dark soul is the top nothingness Lingbao, then at this time Yi Chi's dagger can only be regarded as a low-level nothingness Lingbao, the two are not in the same class at all. I wonder how he would react if I took out the dark soul? I thought to myself. Thinking of doing it, Yi Chi immediately stretched out his left hand and held it gently, and the dark soul in his body instantly appeared in Yi Chi's left hand. Sure enough, as soon as the dark soul appeared, a burst of violent momentum broke out, pressing down the momentum of the dagger in an instant, and the dagger held by Yi Chi in his right hand trembled slightly, and at the same time put away his momentum, as if he had surrendered to the dark soul. This Seeing this magical scene, all the people present looked at the two weapons in the hands of Yi Chi with a face of disbelief. Unexpectedly, the dagger with infinite scenery just now ended up in the next second. From the momentum point of view, the momentum of the dagger could not be compared with the dark soul dagger in the hands of Yi Chi. See this strange scene, people finally determined the level of the dagger in the hands of Yi Chi,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, this is not only a nihilistic Lingbao, but also a more advanced nihilistic Lingbao! At this time, Yi Chi was very happy, not only because he found that the dark soul was an extremely advanced nothingness Lingbao, but also because he had unconsciously received another nothingness Lingbao. Under the oppression of the dark soul, the dagger in his hand directly recognized himself as the master, and in an instant, Yi Chi fully understood all the abilities of the dagger. Smash! It's a good ability. Feeling the ability of the dagger,side impact beams, Yi Chi could not help smiling. Although this ability to crush is only a relatively common ability, but it is still a few points higher than the ability to sharpen, cut and so on, Yi Chi is glad that his ability is to crush rather than the above two. The so-called crushing is to cause crushing damage to the attacked position of the victim. For example, if Yi Chi stabs his opponent's small arm with a dagger, his small arm will turn into powder and disappear directly and permanently. As I said before, it is very difficult to recover from the injury caused by the attack of Nihility Lingbao, unlike other injuries, which can be recovered in an instant, but as long as the attack on your body is Nihility Lingbao, it is very difficult to recover. And under this crushing characteristic, the crushed part can not be restored permanently. If one hand is crushed, then you, the saint, can only be a one-armed man forever. Think about it, a high saint has only one arm, cold drawn tubes ,Precision Welded pipes, and he will die of shame if he says it! So, this smashing ability is not advanced, but it is very practical, especially when you don't want to kill the other side, but you don't want to make the other side feel better, this smashing ability is absolutely the best choice. Looking at the dagger in his hand with satisfaction, Yi Chi put the dark soul away, the dagger immediately regained its vitality, and a burst of silver light rotated around Yi Chi's Lingbao. Broken virtual, really good name! With a word of praise, Yi Chi could feel the happy mood of Suixu after hearing his words, and immediately put him away with a smile. Seeing that Yi Chi had collected the broken virtual, General Manager Liu over there suddenly changed his face. Although he had thought before that Yi Chi would take away this nihilistic Lingbao, but when it really happened, he still could not accept it. After all, he had paid a lot for this nihilistic Lingbao, and now he could only watch him being taken away,side impact beams, but he could do nothing at all. He raised his head and looked at General Manager Liu. Yi Chi chuckled and said, "Why, General Manager Liu is not convinced?"

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