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Feng Lin Tian Xia: Princess 13 years old Emploi Plein temps

19 oct. 2022 à 3h20   Services financiers   Debila   63 vues
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Today is a good day. Liu Yue also got the news of Zuo Xiang's secret transfer from the Blood Shadow Guard. However, instead of others treating themselves as targets, it is better to frame them first. To do things, the first opportunity should be in her own hands, otherwise she will be tired and deal with it. This is not what she likes. Angry in the heart, the face still has to be extremely calm to the lonely night of the horse coming slowly, Liu Yue from the teeth out of two words: "Thank you." Wind and Cloud Steep 2 ***, didn't plant on the left phase, KuangFei she worked hard for half a night, specially ordered the blood shadow guard today to a thief cry stop thief, so fair and square to the lonely night destroyed, still have to fall on him to save the grace. It seems that she can not count on here, can only count on Xuanyuan Che there. Cold nodded, alone night longitudinal horse forward and did not say much, a trace of proud expression is not, quite indifferent. Just that eye, fixed to lock the moon, black and blue eyes in the sunlight through the treetops, brilliant, beautiful incredible. Liu Yue raised her eyebrows slightly when she saw this. "Forget it, forget it. This lonely night is also a good intention. Although this good intention is inexplicable, let's forget it today." Report to the eight princes that they did not catch up with the assassin. The military guards, who had returned from the dense forest, bowed their heads awkwardly and stood in front of the eight princes and the moon. You're a group of rice. "Well, with their skill, it's just a death if you catch up with them." The eight princes had not finished scolding,Chinese spa manufacturer, Liu Yue suddenly waved his hand lightly. Joking, that is all her blood shadow guard, with these a few military commanders and bodyguards can catch up, then she also need not mix. Military commanders and bodyguards a listen, Qi Qi looked at the moon with gratitude. And at this time, the three first chase out of the three bodyguards of the lonely night, also Qiqi longitudinal horse back from three directions, almost invisible to the lonely night shook his head. After seeing this, the lonely night lowered his eyes slightly and glanced up at the moon. His eyes seemed to understand,Whirlpool bathtub, but he didn't seem to understand anything. Knock, knock.. Just then, the sound of encouraging drums suddenly cut through the dense forest and spread far away. On hearing this, the eight princes' faces suddenly changed. "My father has been assassinated," they shouted. The military commanders and bodyguards around him also changed their colors. Liu Yue looked at the direction of Xuanyuan Yi, but Xuanyuan Che and Xuanyuan Yi all the way, now Xuanyuan is easy to be stabbed, so this means that he started. His face showed anxiety, but in his heart it was clear that the charge of assassinating Xuanyuan Che was not too big, but it was enough to bring down Zuo Xiang and Queen Liu. However, since Xuanyuan Che and Xuanyuan Yi all the way, the assassination of Emperor Tianchen, how also greater than the charge of the assassination of Xuanyuan Che, then by the way a false move, casually throw two arrows to Xuanyuan Yi, and then the main attack on Xuanyuan Che, as long as the slightest evidence of guilt, he will never turn over. Wind and Cloud Steep 3 "Go, 5 person hot tub ,whirlpool bathtub, go, go." Liu Yue immediately shouted, and immediately the longitudinal horse ran to the place where the bell and drum sounded, looking very anxious. The lonely night saw this slightly frowned, eyebrows and eyes slightly moved, deeply looked at the head of the running Liuyue, also longitudinal horse followed up. The moon, the lonely night, the eight princes, and so on a line of people as fast as electricity toward the direction of Xuanyuan Yi. At the same moment, all the princes and generals in the dense forest stopped riding and shooting, and turned around to shoot at the place where the bells and drums sounded. The sun shines brightly, sprinkling golden light through the treetops, the grass is delicious, the flowers are like fire, and all the beauty can not be described in words. The sound of the drums became more and more urgent, more and more urgent, and the fierce sound of the drums almost broke the sky. The birds in the dense forest took off in a panic, and the flapping of their wings was extremely disorderly. Longitudinal horse looks like galloping, but the horse under the body is Xuanyuan Che prepared for her, the standard bad horse, want to be fast can not get up, it can only make a show. As soon as Liu Yue heard this anxious drum sound, she could not help frowning slightly. The drum sound was so urgent. Was it really an assassination? How possible, the autumn mark and others but secretly with the dragon guard guard Xuanyuan Che, even if the left phase at the same time started, also should not appear such a situation, is it really someone to assassinate Xuanyuan Yi? Eyebrows up high. That's funny. Come up. Mind turning, one side has been with her side by side of the lonely night, suddenly cold way. Liu Yue turned her head and looked at the horse under Dugu Night. She didn't know the horse, but Dugu Night must have ridden better than the one she had arranged. Without hesitation, she clapped her hands on the horse's back, and the moon jumped in the sky and stood straight on the horse's back behind the lonely night. She wanted to see what had happened. Duguye did not say much, but sat down on a good horse with a slight clip on his legs, and the snowy BMW immediately shot out like a sword, more than twice as fast as it had just been. Chasing the clouds and chasing the moon is as fast as electricity. In the twinkling of an eye, the lonely night carrying the moon rushed to the chaotic assassination place. Duguye's horse tutorial is too fast. It looks like they're the first to get here. In the chaos, the guards escorted Xuanyuan Yi, whose crown was slightly disheveled, and hurriedly retreated backward. Prince Xuanyuan Cheng's shoulder was injured, and a large area of blood came out, and his pale face staggered to follow him, while in the dense forest ahead, there was a sound of swords and swords, which could be heard several miles away. Wind and Cloud Steep 4 There is no figure of Xuanyuan Che, nor the figure of Qiu Hen and others, and the people in the Wing Palace are not there. Liu Yue stood high and saw everything in his eyes for the first time. Suddenly, his eyes burst out with an invisible murderous look. Whoosh. A sharp arrow came out of the dense forest and shot at Xuanyuan Yi, who was hurriedly retreating. Xuanyuan Yi is surrounded by imperial guards, but few of them can take the hand. The only general of the second family of Tianchen, General Fei, is protecting the prince. When Liu Yue saw this, she frowned and raised her hand. A small arrow flew out and came first. An arrow knocked open the sharp arrow that shot at Xuanyuan Yi. Although Xuanyuan Yi's martial arts are not very good, after all, he is an emperor, and at this time he is not so flustered that he can't take care of anything. As soon as he saw that Liu Yue and Dugu Night had arrived, he was overjoyed and said,whirlpool hot tub, "Liu Yue, go quickly. Xuanyuan Che is still inside. Quick, we are in an ambush. Xuanyuan Che lets the emperor go first. He brings up the rear. Go quickly."

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Feng Lin Tian Xia: Princess 13 years old