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Red and Pink War-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise Emploi Plein temps

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Wang yuandu said that two friends could not walk any more and asked him to buy food back. Ge Genbo immediately ordered someone to arrange for him and lent him a kettle. Wang yuandu chatted with him for a while and knew it in his heart. As soon as the food was ready, he thanked him. When he got to the main road, there was no one on the road anyway, so he used the art of flying on the land, which was faster than a galloping horse. After a while, he returned to the mountain road and rushed back as soon as possible, following the old road and arriving at the secret place. Although he firmly believed that there would be no accident, he could not help but be on tenterhooks when he got close. He pushed aside the bushes and got into the shallow cave, only to see where there was a figure in the cave? Wang yuandu's surprise was no small matter. He broke out in a cold sweat on his back. He looked around, looking for any clues and traces. At the same time, he thought, "That's strange. Could it be that the people of the One yuan Sect had been staying behind all the time, and when I left, they took advantage of the situation and robbed Miss Bai?" Then he thought, "If it falls into the hands of the Monism, it will be saved. If it falls into the hands of Ge Cuicui, it will be terrible." Suddenly a groan came from the mouth of the cave. Wang yuandu's tiger body shook and he jumped back. With a sound, he broke through the dense bushes. But on the ground full of dry branches and withered leaves, there lay Bai Yaoqin. Her posture was very strange. Her feet were kneeling on the ground, but her upper body was lying on her back. So Wang yuandu did not dare to touch her at once. He looked at her and asked,outdoor whirlpool tub, "Miss Bai, what's wrong with you?" When Bai Yaoqin saw him appear, she was already relieved. She stopped groaning and said, "I.." I'm weak all over. "I know that too," said Wang yuandu. "But how could you move here?" Bai Yaoqin hesitated to speak. She stammered for a moment and then said, "I've finally climbed here. I've exhausted all my strength." Wang yuandu bent down to help her get up, but Bai Yaoqin couldn't even lift her arm. With a long sigh of grief, she closed her eyes and said,jacuzzi manufacturers, "Brother Wang, I'm worried to death." "Are you in such a hurry?" Wang yuandu exclaimed? Are you afraid of the enemy? I told you I'd be back soon. Why be so timid and afraid? "It's not that," said Bai Yaoqin. "It's an internal emergency. Alas, don't you understand? Wang yuandu suddenly realized that she was eager to relieve herself, so she tried desperately to climb out. Her strange posture was thus explained. It was not necessary to know that she was in a squatting position at first, but because she had lost all strength, she bent her knees and sat on the ground, and then fell back and became in this strange position. "So have you relieved yourself yet?" He asked anxiously. Still afraid to open her eyes, Bai Yaoqin said, "Not yet." This is exactly the answer that Wang yuandu is most worried about and afraid of. You should know that such an urgent matter is no small matter. You really have to try to solve it. No matter how big the hero is, he can't help it. He suddenly remembered that he had been caught by Willow on a ship a few months ago, and that Willow had used this trick to force him to submit. This recollection brought back his sadness, and a faint sense of sadness came to his mind. Fortunately, he did not forget what was in front of him. He resolutely said, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,whirlpool hot tub, "Since it has not been solved yet, we have to think of a way anyway." He thought for a moment and then added, "Well, I'll turn my back and hold you with both hands so that you won't fall.". This method is not very good, but there is no other way. Bai Yaoqin did not make a sound. Wang yuandu waited for a moment and asked, "Did you ever hear me?" "I hear you," said Bai Yaoqin. "Then why don't you speak?" Asked Wang yuandu. "I can't move my hands," said Bai Yaoqin. "I can't untie my clothes." Wang yuandu was stunned and could not make a sound. "Can you hold it in?" He asked. "It's really hard to hold back any longer," said Bai Yaoqin. Wang yuandu said, "If I immediately carry you on my back and run to a village six or seven miles away, will you be able to endure this period of time?" "I guess I can't," said Bai Yaoqin. Wang yuandu sighed heavily and said, "Then I'll have to help you out, won't I?" "Yes," said Bai Yaoqin in a low voice. "Although she once exposed her whole body to seduce Wang yuandu, it was her impulse to see if he was a true gentleman who despised women.". After all, she was not a lascivious woman, so when she returned to normal, she was as shy and timid as an ordinary girl. How could she let a young man strip her clothes for her? Both of them were generally embarrassed and uneasy, but the situation was urgent, and Wang yuandu had to start immediately, otherwise, the consequences would be even worse. So he put one hand around her upper body, lifted her up, made her stand up, and with the other hand he shook her waist under her clothes and touched her belt. He clumsily untied the knot of her trouser belt, then let her squat down, and then had to put on the trouser belt for her, all of which were done in a daze like a dream. Naturally, in the process, he inevitably touched her skin and saw her snow-white buttocks, which, strictly speaking, did not have any particularly obscene meaning, even far less obscene and gorgeous than her naked embrace that night, but there are some things in the world that are hard to explain. In the current situation, the uneasiness and embarrassment of Wang and Bai are indescribable. When they returned to the cave, Wang yuandu let Bai Yaoqin stand on the wall of the chair and immediately told her how she had arrived at the tomb village, in order to dilute the awkward atmosphere. He finally said, "I'm going to stay at Ge Genbo's house in the evening. If there are no suspicious signs, I'll send you to Ge's house temporarily. I'll go to rescue Qian Yun and his wife alone." "Are you going to leave me here?" Bai Yaoqin exclaimed. "Do you have any other good ideas?" Asked Wang yuandu. Bai Yaoqin sighed dejectedly and said, "No, I shouldn't have dragged you down so that you couldn't rescue Brother Qian and Sister Zhen as soon as possible." Such words of self-pity, from the mouth of an unruly and fierce woman, seem to be very sympathetic. "Don't worry," said Wang yuandu. "We may have another way." He thought for a moment and then said,endless swim pool, "I guess if Brother Ping Tianhong and Master Tianbao hadn't been captured by the people of the One yuan Sect, they would have come this way.". As long as we meet any one of them, your safety will be safe.

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Red and Pink War-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise