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Words of Manglietia Emploi Plein temps

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"Absolutely not!" Duanmuxi's face changed. "My elder sister has been married!"! And the brother-in-law is very fierce. Ah, no, no, it's because they have a deep love for each other. The elder sister will never accept her husband again! Come to think of it, the general doesn't want to see my Duanmu backyard restless, does he? At the thought of the scene where the brother-in-law was so jealous that Duanmu was willing to bow to the wind, the hair on his back stood up! In any case also want to give up the general this idea, in case the elder sister backyard fire, unlucky is not only the elder sister! "If you say so, aren't we going to watch Xizhuo gain the upper hand?" "That's not true." Duanmuxi mumbled and glanced at Manglietia. As he secretly moved to the door, he summoned up his courage and said, "The general has no family to worry about anyway. He's a talented person. Isn't he a good candidate?" With that, Manglietia flashed out of the door without waiting for her to get angry. This asshole! I knew she was going to say that! Manglietia gave a cry of hatred and stared gloomily at the door. According to Duanmuxi's tip-off, Beizhuo's daughter Siyuqi will arrive at Lingfeng in the near future, and the purpose of her trip is very clear, that is, to propose marriage to Donglin, and the object is Lanyou, the third prince of Donglin. The door creaked again, and Duanmuxi reached in with a hand, quickly put down a scroll, and at the same time a word floated in from outside the door. General,china tile trim, the portrait of the prince here, although not too beautiful, but somehow is a prince, also do not wronged you, you will make do with it! Her response was a "bang" and a book was smashed on the door. Donglin Harem, Dexin Garden. Lan You lowered his head and took a sip of fragrant tea. His handsome and proud face was calm, as if what he had just said had not been taken to heart. Brother You, why aren't you in a hurry? Although Si Yuqi is the queen,tile trim manufacturers, but Xizhuo is located in a remote area, the country is small and weak, every move depends on my Donglin, said to be an alliance, but also a vassal state. Besides, it's so far away to marry. What if I'm homesick? My father and concubine are reluctant to let me marry far away! Oh, look at my memory, I've forgotten that Brother You's father and concubine are long gone. Lancome, the fourth prince, could not hide a trace of schadenfreude. Kou'er, don't talk nonsense! It was Lan Yu, the second prince, who made a light rebuke. He turned his head and looked at Lan You, who was still expressionless. He paused and said, "You, tile profile factory ,stainless steel edge trim, Kou'er didn't mean it. But what he said is not unreasonable. Marrying Xizhuo far away is not a joke. Don't be angry. Why don't I go and talk to my father and sister?" Lan You pulled the corners of his mouth and looked at Lan Yu with a half-smile: "Brother Yu really deserves to be the kind and kind person I am famous for in Donglin!"! Thanks for taking the trouble. But I, Lan You, with the name of a prince, have enjoyed so many years of wealth and splendor. If I don't pay something, won't I fall into the mouth? I heard that the conditions of the two empresses were not bad, and the queen mother did not treat me badly. Intercede what, Lan you heart, but it is superfluous. "Brother Yu has so much time to intercede for Lan You that he might as well think more about himself!" With a snort, he turned and walked out of the door. What's perky! Who does he think he is? Had it not been for the seduction of the mother emperor by his humble palace father, where would he be today? Even if he has a strange personality on weekdays, today he dares to be presumptuous in front of his brother Yu! Brother Yu, you are really, like his status, do not deserve to be with us at all, thanks to you always protect him, people can not accept your feelings! Lancome hummed angrily and stared at the back of Lan You. Coco, you're getting more and more outspoken! Lan Yu's face sank and she looked in the direction of Lan You's disappearance. She sighed: "Forget it. I know you's temper very well. Although his mouth is hard, I'm sure he still doesn't want to go to Xizhuo. I'd better find a time to talk to my father's queen sister and see if I can save it." Lancome curled her lips and said, "Brother Yu, you are so kind. If I were you, I don't care whether that kind of person is dead or alive!"! Forget it, let's not talk about him. He rolled his eyes and looked at Lan Yu again. Suddenly he smiled and said, "Brother Yu, have you ever seen General Liu Yue who came to negotiate?"? I have heard it said that she is a woman who is more beautiful than a first-class romantic man in the world! I can't figure out how a woman can be more beautiful than a man? Isn't that not feminine at all? Lan Yu glanced at him and said, "I haven't seen him before. How can the people in the harem see the people outside at will, let alone the foreign envoys?"? But don't talk nonsense, no matter how that person is born, can be an envoy of a country to visit, and is a general, must be a respectable woman, not as bad as people say. "I know, and that's why I'm curious!"! Brother Yu doesn't want to meet? Lancome's eyes were bright and he could not hide his excitement. Lan Yu gave him a funny push and said, "What are you thinking about?"! How can the prince of the harem easily appear in public? "Oh, brother Yu, don't you know?"? The former emperor issued a decree that when Xizhuo's daughter arrived, a grand banquet would be held in the palace, and General Liu Yue was invited as a guest of honor! At that time, the civil and military officials and all the princes and daughters of the harem will be present! Lan Yu was stupefied and did not make a sound. And ah. "" Lancome was suddenly a little coy. She blushed slightly and said, "I heard from my father and concubine that the Empress Dowager has instructed me to dance and let Brother Yu play the piano." Lan Yu raised her eyebrows and immediately understood the meaning, shaking her head with a wry smile. Lancome looked at Lan Yu and suddenly said in frustration, "Let me perform on the same stage with brother Yu. Isn't this a show of superiority?"? "Brother Yu is both talented and beautiful. He is known as the pearl of the prairie. I must have been reduced to a foil that day!" "Say such childish things again!"! Don't worry, although it's my father's instructions, I never like this kind of occasion. At most, I just play a song behind the curtain of beads. I can't delay you to show off in front of General Liu Yue! Lan Yu saw through Lancome's mind at a glance and couldn't help laughing. Brother Yu! Lancome jumped up in shame, unrelenting to the itch of Lan Yu, peach blossom face is half shy and half looking forward to, a crimson. Lan Yu looked funny, but in her heart she could not help but feel a little wave. What kind of person will that person be? "Father, are you really going to let Lan Youyuan marry Xizhuo?" Lan Yu softly asked her father,aluminum tile trim, Xia Yi, the queen mother of Donglin, who was sleeping.

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