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Qing Yu Nian Emploi Plein temps

20 oct. 2022 à 3h27   Ingénierie   Salah Bey   292 vues
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Fan Xian noticed an itch between his eyebrows. He stretched out his fingers and rubbed his head. "Don't compare with me," he said. "All the women in the world compare with me. There are few beauties left. "It's not my problem, it's my parents' problem," he said gloomily. Begonia no matter how light self-restraint, after all, but also a teenage girl's family, girls who do not pay attention to appearance? Unless you're blind.. She was relieved by Fan Xian's words. Angry at the teasing words, he thought that this fellow's mouth was really suspicious. He gritted his teeth and said, "As a high-ranking official, it's better not to talk nonsense." Fan Xian did not seem to be aware of the other side's anger, seriously explained: "Not nonsense, you said I can not like you because you are not beautiful enough, and I want to explain to you, in my opinion.". You look really good. Begonia was slightly stunned. Fan Xian's next sentence came very quickly: "After all, there has been a precedent. My wife, Kyoto people say that she is just comely, but in my opinion, Waner is the most beautiful woman in the world.." He shook his head and sighed, "My aesthetic.". It's probably different from most people in the world. This sentence finally turned Begonia over. With a muffled snort, she took out her hands from her sleeves and brushed them away. As soon as the sleeves are brushed, the grass clippings fly on the grass, the wind moves without reason, and the momentum is pressing. I think this is the supreme True Qi of the sky. Fan Xian stretched out his hand to cover his eyes and swayed back and forth in a mess of grass clippings, as if he might fall to the ground at any time. In this way, the grass clippings spread all over the sky, but he laughed with great pleasure. When the wind stopped and the grass crumbled, the Chinese flowering crabapple stood quietly to one side, with a trace of sarcasm on his face. He looked at him and said derisively, "Humiliate me. Can I get angry two days ago?" Fan Xian was slightly stunned. He sighed and said with a smile, "Duoduo, are you still breathing?" It was the first time after the strike that he called each other Duoduo. Begonia was stupefied, then slowly turned around and walked toward the carriage. At this time, the six swordsmen in the carriage had already got off to take care of them, and the tiger guards headed by Gao Da were staring at the crabapple warily, after all, the previous wind of grass clippings. Fan Xian's subordinates did not know what had happened and were afraid that Begonia would suddenly make a move. Fan Xian followed and said with a smile, "Don't hurry to get on the bus. Walk with me." He waved his hand to let the first class retreat, and explained a few words, carrying the crabapple side by side along the official road to the front of the woodland. The two of them walked side by side, a long distance away from the motorcade, and the spring forest overhead was full of sunshine, which turned into all kinds of beautiful spots of light, shining on their clothes. I am a person who cares about the word trust. Fan Xian said calmly, plastic pallet suppliers ,ibc spill pallet, "Maybe it's because it's hard to find a trustworthy person in my life, so I'm a little disappointed that you're leaving the house that day." Begonia slightly lowered his head, did not explain what, but very directly said: "Duoduo is also a very concerned about this matter, after all, you and I belong to two countries, if there is no trust.". It's really hard to get things done. Once the words are spoken, it is relatively simple, but at this time to ask whether Begonia wants to go to the workshop to peep, or Fan Xian misunderstood the girl, are already very unnecessary things. Now that through Fan Xian's sharp mouth, the trust between the two has been restored to some extent, and then mention the past. It will appear extremely stupid. The two of them walked forward side by side. Out of the corner of his eye, Haitang glanced at him and frowned. His hands were still in his sleeves, not as comfortable as Fan Xian's big pocket. Fan Xian explained softly, "I asked Sisi to add two pockets to the official uniform of the Control yuan." Begonia smiled and sighed with regret. In the woodland beside the official road, the sound of rustling rose again, and this pair had no privacy for men and women. Men and women who are particularly demanding of each other's trust, just like half a year ago in the growth come from?" Fan Xian calmly replied, "First, of course, the production of the workshops in the inner storehouse should be increased. After the open source is opened, how to make accounts to smuggle the goods out? Naturally,plastic pallet manufacturer, the old shopkeeper, Su Wenmao, and those old officials of the Ministry of the Interior sent by my father tampered with the accounts. You also know that it is I who supervise the inner storehouse. I think it is not too difficult to erase the traces."; The second is that I intend to bite hard on the Ming family and dig out the wealth of this great family and offer it to Your Majesty. Your Majesty will be very happy.

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