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Eternal Life _ Dreaming into the Divine Machine _ txt Novel Paradise Emploi Plein temps

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"Well, I have already entered Ah Bi Demon Qi in the dark primordial spirit of your heaven and earth, but this does not hinder your practice and also helps you to understand the essence of the Demon Gate, but you can't betray me again in the future. You should know my means. The two golden elixir masters of Taiyi Gate, Zhao Xuansong, the only one I have killed you, are higher than them, but killing you is like pinching an ant to death." In the days to come, if you show enough loyalty, I don't mind taking back Ah Bi's evil spirit. Fang Han said quietly on his face, "This is a Longshen Pill. I just got it in the treasure house of the Dragon Palace, which can add hundreds of years of longevity to you. It can greatly supplement your lost Qi and blood. Now take it, Prince Yi, and you can also take one." In the emerald gourd, there were a total of nine dragon elixirs. Nebula Baby took one, and now Fang Han each threw one to the Black Youwang and Prince Yi, and then he took one and swallowed it to refine the power of the medicine. This "Dragon God Pill" is also a heavenly elixir. Although it is not as good as Nirvana Pill, it exists at the same level as "Nine Orifices Golden Pill", "Yin and Yang Longevity Pill" and "Leigu Relic". It is an elixir that consolidates the foundation and cultivates the vitality, changes the shape of tendons and increases longevity. A dragon elixir can increase the life span by 500 years. Moreover, Fang Han has just read the "Tianlong Secret Book", a volume of jade slips for refining magic weapons, which also records the alchemy method. The efficacy of the dragon elixir is very magical. After taking it, it not only increases the life span of 500 years,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, washes the marrow and cuts down the hair, but also can use the power of the elixir to form a layer of dragon scales on the surface of his skin. The protective power is extremely strong, not afraid of fire and flooding. Not afraid of flying sword to slay the general treasure level of flying sword, can not be cut open As soon as Fang Han took it, he immediately felt a violent force of different nature, which melted into his own blood, and this force, like a demon or not, was extremely majestic,Magnesium Oxide price, with the breath of the ancient wilderness using this force in his blood, turned to his skin, and sure enough, his whole body skin was filled with dense dragon scales, solid to the extreme, the whole force. Increased by a few percent again. "Good elixir, but this is also the icing on the cake. My body has fused the magic skill of covering the sky, the magic hand, and the tablet of sealing the gods. After sealing the gods, it is intrepid. Now it adds a dragon power. Hundreds of years of life is not important to me. Of course, it is better than nothing." Hide this dragon force, and sure enough, the scales on the surface of the body slough off. Fang Han's whole body is full of essence, and there is an impulse to condense the golden elixir. However, he was not ready to condense the golden elixir now. First, the time was not right. Second, he had not yet accumulated enough vitality. Fifty-six kinds of magical powers were condensed into the golden elixir. In particular, caustic calcined magnesite ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, the big devouring technique was unpredictable. If it did not work, it would be a pity if it fell short of success. Third, the subdued King of Darkness was not loyal enough. One man was angry, and it was not worth spattering five steps of blood. One's own finger is more precious than the lives of thousands of people, and you can't risk it. But after "Prince Yi" took Longshen Dan, his whole body was full of blood and blood, and the dragon's power was in conflict between the left and right sides. Sweat like rain, the powerful vitality of the medicine rushed into his mind, and for a while, his magic power increased greatly. "Hm?"? Unexpectedly, it's going to be congealed into an amulet. Yes, I gave him the golden elixir of Qingyang Lao Zu. He decomposed the magical power and refined it into his body. Now, at the critical point, a dragon elixir catalyzed him. Seeing such a scene, Fang Han blew out in one breath, and the five-color vitality disappeared into the other's mind. Immediately, on the top of Prince Yi's head, the gate of heaven was wide open, and an amulet of life that had condensed twenty-two kinds of magical powers was actually condensed into shape, emitting a powerful force. There are more than twenty kinds of magical powers, which are really excellent. Of course, this is not because Prince Yi himself is powerful, but because in the golden elixir of Qingyang Lao Zu, there are thirteen kinds of magical powers, and Prince Yi himself has practiced nine kinds of magical power, which adds up to twenty-two kinds. "Thank you, Fang Han, for the vitality of the five elements. Otherwise, it will take me several years of penance to collect the essence of the five elements if I want to be promoted to the six-fold state of supernatural power." Prince Yi was overjoyed to see that he had stepped into the six-fold state of supernatural power and cultivated the original life amulet. "There's no need to say thank you. It's good for me that you've made great progress in your cultivation. But you have to work hard to become a golden elixir so that you can stand out among the many princes and occupy a position. Otherwise, you can only accompany the last one forever," said Fang Han. "You know, the four princes, Prince Yi, have become the nine-fold supernatural power and the Dharma of Heaven and Earth. "That's natural. I've already thought about it. I'll take the only golden elixir of Song Dynasty with you and send a birthday gift to Linglong Xianzun. When the time comes, I'll ask Linglong Xianzun to help me condense it into a golden elixir." Prince Yi seems to have made up his mind. "What do you think, Black King?" Turning his head, Fang Han looked at Hei You Wang, who was exercising cross-legged and refining the potency of the medicine. After taking the "Dragon God Dan", his face was not as pale as it had just been. He was ruddy as if he had not been injured. It was just a broken arm. It was still empty. Although the "Dragon God Dan" was powerful, it did not give birth to flesh and blood, and directly grew the wonderful use of the arm. Now he wants to find an arm, connect it with bone-setting pills, and then run the magic power to make the arm as strong as itself, but it takes a long time to harmonize Qi and blood. "Thank you for the suzerain's gift of the elixir. I have recovered my strength and it is still beneficial. However, the Dark Primordial God was wounded by Hua Tiandu with the Panwu Divine Sword. I hope the suzerain will give me some love-forgetting water to wash it." The desire of the people of the netherworld demon sect to forget the water of love is equivalent to the mentality of the sex maniac to the beauty. "Now that you have taken refuge in me, naturally I will not be stingy." As soon as Fang Han grasped it, a large pool of holy water flew up and melted into the body of the Dark King. Suddenly, the Dark King's dark primordial spirit faintly had a feeling of evil fading, and the violent spirit gradually transformed into pure dark spirit, with some taste of the beginning of heaven and earth and the origin of darkness. "Wonderful, this is to turn the demon into the Tao, close to the source. The holy water of the afterlife has washed away your original demon spirit. After that, you will be brave and diligent,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, and there will be no more obstacles." Fang Han exclaimed: "Now, you tell me some of the recent situation of the afterlife Demon Sect. I will unify the afterlife Demon Sect in the future. Your contribution is not good." "Yes, suzerain."

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Eternal Life _ Dreaming into the Divine Machine _ txt Novel Paradise