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Eco-friendly Ink brand Emploi Temporaire

4 avr. 2023 à 1h40   Services financiers   Baraki   103 vues
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Eco-friendly Ink brand Eco friendly inks for printing - Product Introduction: Flexographic ink is a kind of water-based ink used for flexographic printing. Flexographic printing refers to that the printing plate used for printing has elasticity and flexibility, which is generally called resin plate. This kind of printing using the raised part pattern on the resin material printing plate is called flexographic printing, also known as relief printing. Ink brand: Star color Eco friendly inks for printing - Product Features: 01. Safe and environmentally friendly, zhongzhixing flexographic ink adopts environmentally friendly formula, which does not contain heavy metals and aromatic hydrocarbons. The content of organic volatile VOCs is less than 1%, which can be degraded, no odor, no fire and no explosion. 02. For high-speed printing, the water-based ink of zhongzhixing flexographic printing combined with high-speed flexographic printing machine can easily reach more than 400 meters and have higher efficiency. 03. High adhesion. Zhongzhixing flexographic water-based ink has overcome the problem of weak adhesion on non absorbent materials such as non-woven fabric, BOPP, pet, PE and other plastic materials, and will not fade. It can withstand cooking and scratch after printing is dry. 04. Application: in addition to common coated paper, kraft paper, carton and other paper materials, zhongzhixing flexographic ink can also be applied to PE, pet, BOPP plastic film and other non absorbent materials. The application is very and has penetrated into all aspects of our life. Flexographic water-based ink paper cup printing ink environmental protection ink manufacturer Star color. Eco friendly inks for printing - Product Advantages: 01. Lower VOC content. Traditional solvent-based inks use organic solvents as solvents, which will produce a large amount of low concentration VOC in the process of use. VOC is recognized as one of the main pollution sources of air pollution today, while water-based inks use water as dissolution carrier, which will hardly emit volatile organic gases to the atmosphere in the printing process. Compared with solvent-based inks, The VOC content of water-based ink is lower and more environmentally friendly. 02. The printing cost is reduced. The purchase cost of traditional solvent ink will be lower, but its printing cost is higher than that of water-based ink. Water-based ink can be deposited on a thinner ink film. Compared with solvent ink, the coating amount of water-based ink is less. In other words, with the same 10kg ink, the water-based ink can be printed on more substrates. At the same time, when cleaning the printing plate, the water-based ink can be cleaned with water, and the cleaning cost is lower. 03. Improve the printing environment. The traditional solvent-based ink uses organic solvent as the solvent. The organic solvent itself is flammable. In addition, there will be a large number of low concentration VOC and pungent odor in the printing process. In such a printing environment, it will have a certain impact on the health of printing personnel, while the water-based ink uses water as the solvent, which is a kind of, non corrosive No pungent smell, non combustible, non explosive and safe ink. It can be said that the use of water-based ink improves the printing environment and ensures the safety of printing personnel. 04. Reduce the residual poisons on the surface of printed materials. It can be said that we are exposed to different printed materials every day, and the water-based ink does not contain organic solvents, which greatly reduces the toxic substances on the surface, especially in the packaging and printing products with strict hygienic requirements such as tobacco, wine, food, beverage, medicine, children's toys and so on. Flexographic water-based ink paper cup printing ink environmental protection ink manufacturer Star colorEco-friendly Ink brand website:

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