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Cheap Student Microsopes Emploi Temporaire

29 mars 2023 à 9h02   Ingénierie   Batna   93 vues
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Cheap Student Microsopes Product Introduction The microscope series with reflecting mirror are available in a variety of specifications. Before use Operation 1. As the microscope is a precision instrument, always handle it with care, avoiding impact or abrupt movement during transportation. 2. Do not let the microscope emerge in the sun directly. Keep it in a dry and clean place. Avoid high temperature and acute shake. Following environment is required: Indoor temperature:0鈩儈40鈩? Max relative humidity:85%. 3. Avoiding impact the definition of the image, do not leave feculence and fingerprints on the lens surfaces. 4. Before using, examine to ensure the power supply is consistent with the rating voltage. Product Specification ModelXSP-40XSP-41 Eyepiece10X Objective4X, 10X, 40X Eyepiece Tube45掳 inclined monocular head with locked-in eyepiece Illumination桅42mm plam-concave reflector110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ,20W DiaphragmSix-stop Diaphragm CondenserSingle lens condenser: N.A. 0.65 Adjustable MechanismCoarse focusing adjustable mechanism: 8mm Working StagePlain stage with paired clips: 90*90mm PackageEach set packed in styrofoam and in an inner box ModelXSP-50XSP-52 Total Magnification40-400X EyepiecePlane-scope eyepiece WF10X, Achromatic Objective4X, 10X, 40X(S) Eyepiece TubeMonocular head, 45掳inclined, 360掳rotatable Illumination桅42mm,concave DiaphragmSix-stop Diaphragm CondenserSingle lens condenser: N.A. 0.65 Adjustable MechanismCoarse focusing adjustable mechanism: 8mm Working StagePlain stage with paired clips: 100*100mm桅90mm rounded stage with paired clips, 360掳 rotatable Net Weight/Set1.1kg1.1kg Package10sets/carton 88*54*36cm How to use 1. Place the specimen slide on the stage, position the spot of the slide you wish to observe to the center hole on the stage and clamp it with slide clips. 2. Mount objectives on revolving nosepiece and eyepiece on eyepiece tube respectively. 3. Turn reflecting mirror to the source of light until the light illuminated into the eyepiece tube and the field of view becomes visible, then adjust the aperture of iris diaphragm(disc) to secure clear image. 4. When focusing, first adjust focus wheel forward to lower the main tube until the objective gets close to the specimen slide, so as to avoid any possible damage.Then start to observe the eyepiece by adjusting the focus wheel until a sharp image is obtained. 5. The stand can be adjusted when necessary to obtain the best angle for the light source and for the comfort of observation. Product feature and application The microscope series with reflecting mirror are designed for general research of biology and bacteriology in hospitals, labs, research institutions and universities as well as for clinical testing and teaching demonstrations. By multiplying the power of the objective and eyepiece used will allow the microscope to offer you required magnification for observation. Maintenance and precautions (1) All glass surfaces must always be kept clean. Fine dust on the optical surface should be blown off by means of a hand blower or gently wiped off with a soft lens tissue. Carefully wipe off oil or fingerprints on the lens surface with tissue moistened with a small amount of 3:7 mixture of alcohol and ether. (2) Do not use organic solution to wipe the surface of the other components. These parts, especially the plastic parts, should be cleaned with a neutral detergent. (3) Do not take down or assemble it yourself. (4) After use, cover the microscope with the dustcover provided, and keep it in a dry and clean place for preventing rust.Cheap Student Microsopes website:

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