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I am a God for the proud roar of King Zhou Emploi Plein temps

20 oct. 2022 à 3h29   Ingénierie   Salah Bey   26 vues
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A few days later, he saw that nothing had happened and sneaked to another sea area before he surfaced. Out of caution, Ying Long did not rush back to Chaoge. Instead, he flew all the way and found a quiet place to treat his injuries, intending to recover first, and if he met those strong enemies again, he would also have the power to deal with them. It happened that Ying Long had not stayed long in the "secluded place" he was looking for when two Taoists suddenly came. One in blue, one in red. Without waiting for Ying Long to open his mouth, the two Taoists questioned him first, saying that Ying Long had occupied the position where they usually played chess. As soon as Ying Long looked at the big stone he was sitting on, he looked at the low stones that looked like stools on both sides, and knew that the two men were not vexatious. Ying Long was injured and did not want to bother. He apologized and was about to leave, but the Tsing Yi Taoist saw that he was injured. He stopped him and said that there was a good medicine to cure his wound, but there was a condition, that is, to play chess with himself and win. As soon as the red-clad Taoist heard this condition, he also shouted that it was wonderful. Both of them are idle people and have known each other for hundreds of years. Since Zhang Zixing "invented" Weiqi, he has been fascinated by it and is very happy to play and fight on the chessboard every day. The two men are close friends with each other. Play chess many times, in the other side's chess path has long been clear in the chest, now there is a stranger to join, naturally greatly delighted. Ying Long used to play chess with a woman on weekdays, and he heard that there was such a good thing. Agreed immediately. Unexpectedly, he began to play chess with the Taoist in red. Ying Long felt the brilliance of the other side's chess,Precision steel tubes, and his hands and feet were tied all the way. However, he struggled to hold on for a while, and finally he could not escape the defeat. Although the opponent was defeated, the red Taoist was greatly excited by the completely different style of chess from his habitual opponent. He was very proud to be able to win a great victory after some entanglement, and pulled Ying Long to the second set. The Tsing Yi Taoist was already itching to look at him, but he was not willing to accept him. He offered to let him play chess with Ying Long, and then he started to argue. All of a sudden, Ying Long became a hot commodity for the two men,stainless steel 304 pipes, and immediately did not know whether to laugh or cry. When Ying Long saw that they were at loggerheads, he knew that he was not as good at chess as others, and that there were changes in the alborada. He did not want to delay here, so he immediately got up and left. The two Taoist priests were not willing to give up and held him back. The Tsing Yi Taoist simply took out the precious elixir of Jiujiusheng and gave it to Ying Long first. After Ying Long took it, in a short time, the wound had healed and the vitality had recovered to a certain extent. Of course, this healing is only superficial, can not be overused in a short period of time, and the loss of vitality is not the power of the elixir can be fully supplemented for a while. Ying Long was worried about Chao Ge, but it was not easy to fall out and leave with the benefits of the two people. Thinking of the "founder" of Weiqi, he immediately thought of an idea. He told the two men that there was an elder brother who was a hundred times stronger than himself in chess. If the two Taoist friends were willing, they could go with him to the alborada, and then they would be able to compete with him. The Red Taoist's name is Xiao Sheng, and the Tsing Yi Taoist's name is Cao Bao. They were originally from Wuyi Mountain. Just because of the exclusion of Qiao Kun, the owner of Baiyun Cave, they were idle by nature and did not like to fight, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,impact beam tubes, so they floated away. Hearing this, his eyes shone and he patted his chest to assure him that if Ying Long's "enemy" was still singing, they would help him. Ying Long saw that the two men were ordinary, but he had not recovered, and two more helpers had to be stronger. At that moment, he came to Chaoge with Xiao Sheng and Cao Bao, and met Kong Xuan, who was looking for him everywhere. Naturally, everyone was happy. The arrival of Cao Bao and Xiao Sheng is a pleasant surprise for Zhang Zixing. Others may not understand what magical powers these two  quiet small courtyard, under the service of people, every day to learn chess and drink, not too happy. Even if he drove them away with a stick, he would not leave. At this time, Zhixian said goodbye to Zhang Zixing on the grounds that she wanted to go back to Jinao Island to practice. Zhang Zixing how willing to give up to the mouth "the delicacy" to fly away, immediately has the cheek, good says bad to say, insists on leaving her down. Although Zhixian was reluctant to part with Zhang Zixing and got along well with Shang Qingjun on weekdays, she knew that something big had happened to the alborada at present. Zhang Zixing, the son of heaven,aluminium coated tubes, needed time to stabilize and adjust, and her identity was somewhat awkward. She had lived in the alborada for so long that she was afraid to be laughed at by the Taoist friends of Jinao Island when she went back, so she refused his detainment and left the almorada. 

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